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Electrical fire characteristics, prevention, remedial methods and major causes

  1. Characteristics and remedies of electrical fires:
   There are several differences between electrical fires and ordinary fires:
   1. The electrical equipment being used may still be live after a fire. If you do not use the correct method to extinguish the fire in time, accidental touching may cause an electric shock, resulting in an electric shock and death;
  2. Electrical equipment generally contains a large amount of oil, such as transformers, capacitors, etc., which may spray oil after being exposed to high temperatures, and may spread and increase the fire, causing immeasurable personal and property losses. In view of the above characteristics of electrical fires, we need to learn the correct methods of fighting electrical fires;
   Electrical fire residual current detector.jpg
  3. When an electrical fire occurs, the rescuer must first find a way to cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock. When cutting off the power supply, be careful to choose the cut-off point near the support on the power side to prevent the human body from being touched after the wire is broken;
   4. If electrical equipment catches fire at night, consider temporary lighting facilities after cutting off the power supply;
5. When it is impossible to cut off the power supply, the rescuer should pay attention to a sufficient safe distance from the live part, and use non-conductive fire extinguishers, such as carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and dry powder fire extinguishers, for fire extinguishing. If oil-filled electrical equipment is used, prepare There are accidents in the oil storage tank to prevent fire;
  6. While electricity is helping human beings, improper use will cause unpredictable harm. I hereby appeal: Use electrical equipment correctly to prevent electrical fires.
   2. Preventive measures for electrical fires:
1. Equipment selection. In places with high fire hazard or difficulty in fighting out, oil-free or oil-less equipment should be used as much as possible; dry-type transformers, vacuum or SF6 circuit breakers are generally used, and resin casting methods are often used for current and voltage transformers. Because these media themselves are non-flammable and non-combustible substances, this fundamentally eliminates fire hazards;
  2. The selection of switching appliances and complete sets of power distribution devices should consider the arcing problem of the switching appliances during operation, and choose a complete set of power distribution equipment that prevents misoperation to avoid arcing caused by misoperation and cause fire;
  3. In the selection of line materials, different grades of flame-retardant cables should be selected in different places, and the issue of whether toxic gases will be generated should the insulating medium catch fire;
  4. The electrical circuit specifications are selected so that the circuit has sufficient withstand voltage level and insulation resistance; the circuit's current carrying capacity should be calculated correctly to prevent the circuit from generating high temperature due to overload.
   3. What are the causes of electrical fires?
   1. The direct causes of electrical fires are: short circuit, overload, poor contact, leakage, lightning, static electricity, etc.;
  2. The deep-seated reasons are still human unsafe behaviors and natural factors: such as people's mental paralysis, non-compliance with relevant fire protection laws, violations of operating procedures, poor management and natural factors such as wind, rain, and thunder.
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