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    Guanghao Safety Technology Co., Ltd. is a young and energetic enterprise, will cut a cut in the domestic intelligent electrical industry high-tech industry, set scientific research and development, manufacturing, sales and trade, consulting services in one of the modern economic entity; Based on power electronics technology, communication technology and microprocessing technology, the company has built a platform for intelligent electrical technology research and development, software development, product manufacturing and service in the industry, and is committed to effectively combining electrical control technology with application engineering technology to provide customers with intelligent electrical control integrated solutions.
    The company adopts the modern production mode, on the basis of ISO9001 quality assurance system, according to the strict process flow of production, to ensure quality; The fire inspection cabinet, intelligent evacuation system, fire door monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system, fire power monitoring system and other products produced by the company have their unique design concept, appearance modeling and excellent quality, which are highly respected in the industry. What we sell is not only the product, but the comprehensive service based on the overall solution, will be distributed in the large and medium-sized cities sales technical service center to provide users with the whole pre-sale, sale, after-sales service...

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