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company Culture

Honesty: Provide customers with quality products and services, comply with laws and business ethics, treat shareholders and employees sincerely, and treat the company honestly.
Encourage employees: Employees' innovation, performance, business study, courage to take risks and responsibilities, and compliance with laws and regulations should all be encouraged and rewarded.
Focus on performance: be responsible for work results, meet customer needs, emphasize work efficiency, and be responsible for your own quality.
Support reforms: actively face changes, take the initiative to innovate, continuously improve work processes and methods, self-study and improve self-cultivation, and do better today than yesterday.
Efficient team: focus on team goals and overall benefits, pursue dedication, mutual support, abide by discipline, pay attention to working methods and processes, and trust others.
Diversified tolerance: Guanghao employees come from all corners of the world. We respect diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs, advocate a tolerant and harmonious working atmosphere, and create a working and living environment suitable for global employees.

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